Cover to Cover with Jack Foley

Cover to Cover with Jack Foley – April 15, 2015

Robert Adamson, Part Three (conclusion). On today’s show Adamson reads his early long poem—deeply influenced by California poet Robert Duncan, whom Adamson hosted in Australia—“The Rumour.” The poem begins,

 In the long run the truth does not matter.

Wallace Stevens


Synoptic: The Open Song


A sequence, as objects alight with his touch

all round grow

a song that’s ravaging his

mind     After his hand aflame.

Old shoes buckled in

the open cupboard:


things with light of their own


What tunnels, those grave

faces make of wings of adrenalin


Pungent room

Wings spread for ascent,

outpourings that break from

his being


Break and go forth, pushed energies

O disperse


The sequence     Spectators

bring to bear his insurrection, carve and hush

his song goes


up nightly     The sequence cut

and shuffled, his doctrine is lifting, his head

that lifts

the hand of keys



damn you

see the force, take focus

There: thief, singer


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