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Open Book – April 19, 2017: Jovelyn’s Bistro

Thais Nye Derich discusses her  new memoir Second Chance: A Mother’s Quest for a Natural Birth after a Caesarian, with host Jovelyn Richards.

When Thais Derich walked into the hospital on the day of her son’s birth, she thought she knew all the answers. One week later, she walked out of the hospital overwhelmed with questions. Not only had she been physically and emotionally damaged, she also felt utterly disillusioned by the majority of the hospital’s financial, legal, and medical protocols. For the next three years, Thais focused on recovering from that day, as well as preparing for the day she may become pregnant again. And then she did get pregnant—and her resolve to give birth the way she originally intended was put to the test.

A universal story about betrayal, trust, and listening to one’s instincts, Second Chance illuminates the gaping holes in our healthcare system – particularly when it comes to giving birth – as well as provides a voice for all the mothers who have walked away from their delivery experience wondering what in the hell really happened.

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