Cover to Cover

Cover to Cover – July 12, 2022

A celebration of the art of poetry and prose with Jack Foley, Nina Serrano, Jovelyn Richards and Jennifer Stone


Artist Song Album Label
Robert DonatOde to a NightingaleRobert Donat Reads His Favourite Poetry, Volume 2ORCHARD - Saland Publishing
Peggy AshcroftNow Sleeps the Crimson PetalGreat Voices Read PoetryHeritage Records
Various ArtistsSonnet No. 2: When Forty Winters Shall Besiege Thy BrowGreat Voices Read Poetry
Anthony QuayleThe Sunne RisingFavourite PoetryHeritage Records
Anthony QuayleHymne to God: My God in My SicknesseGreat Voices Read PoetryHeritage Records
Peggy AshcroftTo Jane - The InvitationFavourite PoetryHeritage Records
Richard BurtonAnd Death Shall Have No DominionFavourite PoetryHeritage Records
Christopher HassallDeath Be Not ProudFavourite PoetryHeritage Records
Peggy GouIt Makes You Forget (Itgehane)OnceToolroom