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Bookwaves – June 8, 2017: Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy and Richard Wolinsky at KPFA

Andrew McCarthy, author of the young adult novel “Just Fly Away,” travel writer and actor/director, in conversation with Richard Wolinsky.

Andrew McCarthy who has had a long career, starting out as an actor in such films as “Pretty in Pink,” “Less Than Zero” and “Weekend at Bernie’s”, went on to become a noted travel writer and successful television director, tries his hand at a young adult novel written from the perspective of a fifteen year old girl having difficulty with the discovery that she has an eight year old brother conceived by her father during a one-night stand.

In this interview, he talks about the novel and his history as both a travel writer, actor and director, talks about the Trump travel slump and explains what it takes to work on series television.

A shorter version of this interview aired on KPFA’s Radio Wolinsky podcast

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