Behind the News

Behind the News – October 19, 2017

Host Doug Henwood covers the worlds of economics and politics and their complex interactions, from the local to the global.

  • bill

    I call bullshit with the Interview on China! Elizabeth seems to have no understanding that there was class struggle in China during the Mao years (1949-1976), and she has the outlook of a cynic and bourgeois Democrat. Communists consider their program to be scientific and not utopian. No one who could say the sentence: “They won’t be a hegemon in the way the United States is a hegemon…without taking on the responsibilities of the United States since the Second World War, not the global policeman, not the rule maker, not the peace keeper or the toppler of tyrants, or the protector of human rights…that the United States was known for…” No one can say that, –that sort of New York Times speak–, and be taken seriously.

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