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Behind the News – June 16, 2016

Host Doug Henwood covers the worlds of economics and politics and their complex interactions, from the local to the global.

  • Legion

    Your closing song is brilliant.

    Your guest on the Internet and smart phone distraction makes some interesting points but I think strongly disagree with much of what she says and her comment on so much “anti-semitsm” online–I am sorry where? I don’t see that. If she is talking about the rights of Palestine and Palestinians–of when I say Free Palestine and I ell the truth–in our face–Israel committing crimes against humanity–bulldozing homes, murdering protesters, dropping bombs on babies–apartheid an on and on with murderous hate, when I say you can trace this fact, this truth, this value system of Israel all the way back to silica times and the invasion of the levant by jews–who slaughtered peoples living there–Palestinians–that is in your Bible–policy has not changed–and it si not anti-semite. Palestinians are semites. Free Palestine! Boycott Israel! Denounce Cuomo! I am not racist. It si not racist to be against a tyrannical murderous state. So i don’t know where she is coming from with such outlandish comments. i would like for her to clarify.

    People are zombies today on their phones–never looking up, everywhere there go-and red–taking calls and texting in classes, in theaters–this is public space–not your space. and i don’t want to hear your irrational arguments on the phone–screaming at your boyfriend. Phones are gimmicks, toys that dent work a advertised designed to malfunction–and unsustainable. bad for the arts. bad for your health–physically, mentally, and emotionally. Smart tek should be a public utility. we don’t all need them in our hands 24/7.

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