Bebop, Cubop and The Musical Truth

Bebop, Cubop and The Musical Truth – September 12, 2017

this episode is no longer available


Exploring a variety of textures with a cross pollination of jazz, world, and Latin influences, hosted by Avotcja.


Billy ChildsBackwards BopRebirthMack Avenue
Kellye GrayHow InsensitiveRederingGrr001
Sivestre MartnezWildcatVengo de La CostaChankiki Records
Dayme ArocenaElegguaCubafoniaBrownswood Recordings
Billy ChildsRebirthRebirthMack Avenue
Kellye GrayI've Got A Right To Sing The BluesRederingGrr001
Sivestre MartnezCosta OaxaquenaVengo de La CostaChankiki Records
Dayme ArocenaLa Rumba Me Llamo YoCubafoniaBrownswood Recordings
Billy ChildsThe Windmills Of Your MindRebirthMack Avenue
Kellye GrayOut Bloes MeRederingGrr001
Sivestre MartnezInto The JungleVengo de La CostaChankiki Records
Dayme ArocenaNegra CaridadCubafoniaBrownswood Recordings
Billy ChildsDance Of ShivaRebirth Mack Avenue
Kellye GrayHow Long Has This Been Going OnRederingGrr001
Sivestre MartnezIncertidumbre Vengo de La Costa Chankiki Records
Dayme ArocenaMambo Na' Ma'CubafoniaBrownswood Recordings
Kellye GrayMorningRedering Grr001
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