Bebop, Cubop and The Musical Truth

Making Contact – April 23, 2004


Deadly Extractions:
Oil and Mining Interests in Africa

When President Bush made a one-week tour of the African continent in early July 2003, the U.S. public heard a lot about human suffering and conflict there. The tragic AIDS epidemic and the toll of bloody wars are critical issues that should be examined in-depth. Yet, one key component seems to be missing from the coverage: multinational corporate interests and their effects on people in African nations. On this edition of Making Contact, we take a look at some examples: In Tanzania a Canadian-based corporation is accused of burying alive artisan miners in order to acquire control of a gold mine; and, the drive for oil has sparked political and social upheavals in Sudan and Angola. –


Arche Shepp
The Girl From Impanema
Fire Music
Denise Perrier
I'll Take Romance
Live at Yoshi's
Chez Perrier Records
Pablo Aslan
La Cachila
Buenos Aires ango Standards
Playing For Change
Songs Around The World
Timeless/Playing For Change Records
Juan Formell y Los Van Van
Soy Todo (Ay Dios Amparame)
En El Malecon de La Habana
Pimienta Rec/Timba
Carmen Lundy
One More River To Cross
Jaz & The New Songbook Live at The Madrid
Afrasia Prod
The John Hicks Legacy Band
Mind Wine - The Music Of John Hicks
Mind Wine
Latin Jaz Youth Ens. of San Francisco
Jerry's Jentrification Jam (with Rico Pabon)
Con Mis Manos
Medley Exitos Mulenze
De Regreso
The Billy Higgins Legacy Band
Light Blue w/Arthur Blythe
Live & unreleased
The Billy Higgins Legacy Band
Dine With A Spoon
Live & unreleased
The Billy Higgins Legacy Band
Entro Jam/ Billy Higgins Vibe
Live & unreleased
Raul Ramirez
Stella By Starlight
Con Zapato y Todo
Round Whirled
Dee Bell / Marcos Siva
Biejo Partido/Boken Kiss
Siva. Bell.Elation
Laser Recros

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