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Arts-Waves- January 23, 2017: Ashley Judd, 2011

Ashley Judd & Richard Wolinsky. April 25, 2011. Photo: Dev Ross

Ashley Judd, interviewed by Richard Wolinsky on April 25,2011

On Saturday, January 21st, Ashley Judd captivated the crowd at the Women’s March in Washington with her presentation as a “Nasty Woman”. While most people simply know her as an actor in films and television, her real center lies as an activist for health and social justice. Richard Wolinsky had a chance to interview Ashley Judd when she was on tour in 2011 for her memoir, “All That Is Bitter and Sweet,” which dealt with her early life and later activism. For those who only know her through film and TV, this discussion is an eye-opener as she talks about her work with NGOs in Africa and Asia.

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