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Hard Knock Radio – June 11, 2004

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Hard Knock correspondent G-Spot interviews the B-52’s; Linda Carson, with Roll Back the Rents, discusses the recent reduction in Section 8 voucher program and the impact it will have on families; Mumia Abu Jamal on Reagan.

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  • Felipe Messina

    This broadcast archive looks and sounds like APEX Express. But why is the archive also labelled: “Hard Knock Radio – June 11, 2004″? (Every single broadcast of this broadcast day is labelled as two different programmes.) It seems like this website makes the free flow of information less accessible to KPFA listeners than the previous website, which had a much more functional broadcast archive interface. The previos website allowed listeners to view archives by programme, by day, or by listings of months over the years. This website seems to trap you in the weeds, as it were. It only allows one to see a clumsy view of each broadcast day, which makes this resource less accessible, and much less functional as a research resource. As a decades-long listener, this new website seems to be a regression from the previous website in many ways, which go beyond a need for ‘working out some bugs’. I don’t see any improvements, unfortunately.