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Apex Express – March 26, 2015

Human Rights Work Under Attack, Avijit Roy Vigil, and Sandip Roy


BLee002 Slain writer and blogger Avijit Roy.
Tune in to APEX Express tonight at 7 pm PT or online at kpfa.org. Tonight’s edition we revisit the R.J. Lozada’s trip to the Philippines and bring you an interview with Brandon Lee, a human rights worker who moved from the United States to the Philippines to be with his family and serve the people. Lee is currently being threatened by authorities in the Philippines, and we’ll talk to some of his friends and fellow organizers about how people can help protect Brandon and other activists. We bring you thoughts from the vigil for slain Bangladeshi blogger Avijit Roy.  To conclude, we’ll bring you a lively discussion with noted journalist and author Sandip Roy on his debut novel that has already been making waves, Don’t Let Him Know. The book released earlier this year and Sandip was in town last month on a book tour when APEX Express producer Preeti Shekar caught up with him.

With Hosts R.J. Lozada and Salia Choudhury.


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