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Higher Education and Preventing Yellow Face

Li Miao Lovett with AFT2121
Li Miao Lovett with AFT2121

This week, we talk with members of Ferocious Lotus Theater Company about their organizing against a potentially offensive musical theater production coming to the Bay Area.

Then we focus on higher education:

  • Li Lovett, a member leader of AFT 2121 at City College of San Francisco, talks about their stand-off with the administration and the strike vote 92 percent of their members recently passed.
  • Vincent Pan from Chinese for Affirmative Action talks about a bill they are supporting for FREE public higher education in California!
  • And Rex Halafihi, a student at San Francisco State University, talks about their efforts to support Ethnic Studies and ENHANCE it with the addition of Pacific Islander Studies, separate and distinct from Asian American Studies.

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