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APEX Express – April 16, 2020 – How the Pandemic Is Impacting Women Everywhere and India’s Working Class Communities

Workers Stranded During Lockdown
Workers in India Stranded During Lockdown

How is the lockdown in India impacting India’s over 400 million working poor? What has already been the terrifying consequences of the overnight lockdown on March 25th, without an adequate relief plan or measures taken to ensure daily wage laborers can afford to stay at home and practice social distancing?

APEX Express producer Preeti Mangala Shekar interviews two seasoned journalists, Anuradha Nagaraj, and Kunal Shankar, on how the lockdown is disproportionately impacting millions of “migrant” workers or guest workers in India.


Engendered Podcast Logo
Engendered Podcast

Later in the show, we feature a guest podcast, Engendered, co-produced by Asian American Teri Yuan. We feature an excerpt from their COVID-19 spotlight on how the pandemic is disproportionately affecting women everywhere.

To listen to the full episode, learn more about Engendered, and also access other resources around COVID, visit their web site.

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