Americas Back 40

Americas Back 40 – April 24, 2016

this episode is no longer available


The hicks from coast to coast. Hosted by Mary Tilson.


bruce hornsbytsa manrehab reunion429 records
annie staninecshady groveannie staninecstaninec
honey cutterson the ropeson the ropesorganic
T sisterslopsided lullabybring us backt sisters
Emmy lou harrisget up johnat the rymanreprise
brandi carlilebeginning to feel the yearsfirewatchers daughterato
solomon burke and patty lovelessyoure the kind of troublenashvilleshout
the record companyfeels so goodgive it back to youconcord
the knitterswalkin canepoor little critter in the roadslash
pokey lafarge2 faced tomriverboat soulfree dirt
cactus broschange your ways or dieyoure dreamingred housxe
al caiolga and orchestrabonanzasoungs of the westrhino
gurf morlixdan blockertoad of titicacacatamount
james kinghe stopped loving her today3 chords and the truthrounder
robbie fullkssouth bend soldiers onupland storiesbloodshot
doyle lawson and quicksilversea of lifeevery time i feel teh spiritsugar hill
amanda shiresdetroit or buffalocarrying lightningshires
stugill simpsonyou can have the crownhigh top mountain30 tigers
ray wilie hubbarddown by the riverthe ruffians misfortunebordello
neko caseno need to cryfurnace room lullabyanti
bruce robison and kelly willis9999999 tearscheaters game30 tigers
p and qscowboy songright barkp and qs
honey dewdropswandering boyif the sun will shinehoney dewdrops
any old time string bandsee you in C U B Ai bid you goodnightarhoolie
willa mamet and paul millerbaby please come back home againeast hill roadkitchen table music
kellii jones savoylets elopejoel savoys honky tonk merry go roundvalcour
asleep at the wheelyour down home is uptowncoming right at yaunited artists
melody walker and jacob groopmanretinuewe made it homemaker/mender
kentucky colonelslisten to the mocking birdlivin in the pastsierra records
avett brosanother is waitingmagpieand the dandelionsunited republic
canote brosgreat big tatersdogs in the dishescanote
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