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Interview with Bay Area Human Rights Activist Reverend Phil Lawson

A special two-part interview with Bay Area human rights activist Reverend Phil Lawson. Reverend Lawson has spent his entire life on the front lines of social justice movements with the Methodist Church, the Civil Rights Movement, the Black Panther Party, the immigrants rights movement, and as a Pastor in many churches throughout the United States. He was subpoenaed by the US Congress in efforts to undermine the Black Panther Party, studied with Bayard Rustin, and co founded with Dr. Vincent Harding the National Council of Elders.  Reverend Lawson was the Director of Interfaith Services for the East Bay Housing Organization and was instrumental in building Interfaith support for “Occupy Wall Street.”  He is a co-founder of the Black Alliance for Justice Immigration.

Join us on Africa Today to hear this remarkable life story.

Hosted by Walter Turner.

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