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5/2/22 How to Sleep Better and Have More Energy

A 2017 survey by the National Safety Council found that 76 percent of Americans feel tired at work. And, 4 to 5 percent of drivers per month report falling asleep or nodding off behind the wheel. That’s alarming given that it is estimated that drowsy driving is responsible for 91,000 crashes per year. So, what can we do about it? As our guest tells us this episode, some surprisingly simple solutions can help us not only get more sleep but also gain more energy during the day.And, it starts with knowing our “chronotype,” the natural inclination of our bodies to sleep at certain times and be awake at others. Host David B. Feldman interviews Dr. Michael Breus, clinical psychologist, clinical sleep specialist, and author of several book, including Energize! Go from Dragging It to Kicking It in 30 Days.

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