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5/10/21 Anxiety

If you haven’t felt anxious during the last year, you either haven’t been paying attention or you’re just very, very lucky. We’ve seen a deadly pandemic, ongoing racial injustice, natural disasters, and political unrest here and around the globe. And now, many people are experiencing re-entry anxiety: the stress of deciding if and how to re-engage with the world as society begins to open back up and vaccines for COVID become more available. But, going back for decades, anxiety was already one of the most frequent problems that brought people into psychotherapists’ offices. In fact, anxiety disorders are some of the most common conditions that mental health professionals diagnose. So, what exactly is anxiety? Is it all bad? Most of us have heard of the idea of healthy anxiety, for instance. So when does it cross the line and become unhealthy for us? And, if we are feeling anxious, what can we do about it? Host David B. Feldman interviews psychologist and expert in anxiety, Dr. Kevin Chapman.