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2/8/21 Experiencing Awe, Even When Times Seem Awful

Have you ever felt awestruck? Maybe you were standing on a summit, looking over a vast mountain range. Perhaps you were overcome by the beauty of a song, poem, or scene in a movie. Maybe you were inspired by a speech or the kindness of another person. Such moments may be more special than any of us ever thought. That’s because, according to new research, experiencing awe can lead to a number of important mental and physical health benefits. Luckily, awe doesn’t have to be limited to unusual, dramatic occurrences. We can use simple techniques to nurture the daily experience of awe in our lives, leading to greater resilience and happiness. And, especially given the still-ongoing awful experiences of the past year, that’s something all of us can use a little more of. Host David B. Feldman interviews psychologist Dr. Jonah Paquette, author of Awestruck: How Embracing Wonder Can Make You Happier, Healthier, and More Connected.


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