A Rude Awakening

A Rude Awakening with David Solnit

On today’s show, David Solnit will join us to talk about his latest artistic endeavor entitled, “A Study of Artivism” at the Climate Gallery beginning on 11/11/2022. 

Plus, audio from the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment, their latest report. 

The Climate Gallery: A Study in Artivism Exhibit

The Climate Gallery: Artist Talk w/ DAVID SOLNIT


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More on the exhibit 

The Climate Gallery is a non-profit virtual reality gallery featuring multi-medium pieces from a diverse group of climate-focused artists. We showcase art and artists who dare to combat the climate crisis. The Climate Gallery is a project of Climate Creative. 


Art·iv·ism: A portmanteau of the words “art” and “activism.” 

The term “artivism” originates with the Chicano movement in Los Angeles in the late 1960’s. We believe this word perfectly articulates the innate power of art to communicate, persuade, and engage in community dialogues. Today we are applying it to express our collective climate struggle.

Climate crisis is an urgent topic that is multi-faceted and complex. It can be difficult to digest, both emotionally and intellectually. Luckily, we have artists– some of the most equipt individuals in our society at connecting, communicating, and empowering others in taking actions. That’s why we select the theme of “Artivism.” We’d like to feature artists that are using their talents to encourage action or needed conversations in their communities.

We purposely kept the theme broad in our first exhibition with the hope of touching a diverse selection of climate topics as interpreted and expressed by artists with various media. We hope you will be inspired by their artistic forms of climate activism and motivated to take more meaningful climate actions in your daily lives.

Full list of participating artists here 


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Artist Song Album Label
AerianThe Air You BreatheConnectionEpidemic Sound
Dew Of LightClosing TundraGrieving VolcanoEpidemic Sound
Herbie Hancock,Herbert Jeffrey HancockWatermelon ManBlue Note Hits! - Vol. 4Blue Note Records
Mondo GrossoIntermezzo SunNext WaveSME - Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc.