A Rude Awakening

A Rude Awakening with Silke Valentine + Zoe Jonick + Kylie Flanagan

On today’s show, big rally tomorrow in Novato to stop the Costco Mega Gas-station  from being built, I’ll speak to organizers Silke Valentine of 350Marin  + Zoe Jonick of 350BayArea to get details 

Plus an excerpt from an interview I did with author and climate change communicator, Kylie Flanagan  on her latest publication on climate resilience 


An intersectional primer for saving the planet: place-based perspectives and community-led tools for fighting climate change—for readers of The Intersectional Environmentalist and All We Can Save

“An essential, inspired chorus of voices echoing the urgency of action in the fight against climate change.” —Kirkus Reviews

In Climate Resilience, climate justice and resilience strategist Kylie Flanagan invites us to see and act beyond status-quo solutions, Big Tech promises…and everything we’re usually told about how to save the planet.

Centering the voices of Native Rights activists, queer liberation ecologists, youth climate-justice organizers, Latinx wilderness activists, and others on the front lines, Climate Resilience urges us toward a vision of climate care that invests in place-based, community-led projects focused on:

  • Relationship Repair
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Economic Regeneration
  • Collective Care
  • Community Adaptation
  • Cultural Strategy
  • People Power

Each section offers practical blueprints for engaging with different aspects of climate-change action through mutual aid, seed-saving, community-owned energy, community safety plans, and more, and includes a range of ideas for readers to apply these strategies in their own communities.


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