A Rude Awakening

A Rude Awakening – May 29, 2017

An in-depth look at community affairs on a local, national and international level, with interviews and commentary. Hosted by Sabrina Jacobs.

  • Giordi

    The was a particularly terrible program. The claim essentially is that everything you see in the media – not only mainstream but also social media, independent media, bloggers, and intellectuals like Noam Chomsky – it’s all “fake news”. What is really happening is that the U.S. Southern Command in its omnipotence is puppeteering an entire country, because that’s what we exceptional white Americans are capable of doing in a backwards brown country like Venezuela. It’s not like Chile or Panama or Cuba where our influence was overt. This is a real conspiracy theory where the only piece of “evidence” is a report, which (as the program failed to mention) was exposed by a entity of Venezuelan state propaganda, and has been dismissed as “bogus” by the U.S.. Now, you might say that “of course they would say that”, but then Hillary Clinton would of course deny that she was running a child sex operation out of a pizza parlor.
    The most egregious part of it is that this program starts by telling us that everything we hear is “misinformation”, and then fails to even address the horrors we see on a daily basis in Venezuela.
    How does this theory of U.S. interventionism explain the use of military force to subdue each and every peaceful demonstration in Venezuela?
    How does it explain political prisoners?
    How does this explain the usurpation by the presidency of all branches of power in order to maintain its lucrative drug trade?
    How do Bolivarian ideas of sovereignty square with the handing over of Venezuela’s only remaining industry (oil) to Goldman Sachs for pennies on the dollar?
    Or the lavish lifestyles of the darlings of the Revolution?
    It is past time for us on the left to realize that the promise of the Bolivarian revolution has been co-opted by a cruel and immoral regime. If you really care about the lives of poor people in the South, then you will take closer look at what is really going on, instead of blindly interviewing a person who has not even been to Venezuela in the age of Maduro, and speaks as if the year were 1999.

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