A Box of Toys

A Box of Toys #48: Exploring ‘Crammed Discs’ Records

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A Box of Toys brings you the first of many label review shows. This episode will focus on Crammed Discs – a label that was formed in the early 1980s in Belgium. This label is not without its twists and turns which we will discuss on a future episode, and their early releases are very experimental; morphing into a multi-faced quality that musically is all over the place. Enjoy our selections!

photo: Jeffrey Buchbinder via Unsplash


Aksak MaboulAlluvionsUn Peu De L'ame Des BanditsCrammed Discs
Papa WembaMalimbaMwana Molokai - The First Twenty YearsSterns
Karl BiscuitLa MorteCompiled Electropop WorksCrammed Discs
MomusIcek JudkoScobberlotchers
Karl BiscuitLa Morte (CGS)Crammed Global Soundclash 1980-89 Vol. 2 - ElectroWaveCrammed Discs
Benjamin Lew / Steven BrownMomentsA Propos D'Un PaysageMade To Measure
TuxedomoonFifth ColumnHalf Mute/Scream With A ViewCramBoy (Crammed)
Peter PrincipleDnieperSedimental JourneyMade To Measure
John LurieThe Lamposts Are MineStranger Than Paradise - Plus The Resurrection Of Albert AylerStrange and Beautiful
Blaine L. Reininger;Mikel RouseSide WindColorado SuiteMade To Measure
Daniel Schell & KaroUn CelteIf Windows They HaveMade To Measure
RafterR Is For Reach10 SongsAsthmatic Kitty
Grant GreenDown Here On The Ground (Live) (2002 Digital Remaster)Alive!Blue Note Records
Samy Birnbach & Benjamin LewMen With Coats ThrashingWhen God Was Famous (A Tribute To Poetry)Made To Measure
Fred FrithQuestions and AnswersThe Top of His HeadCrammed
ZelwerRepose-toi Un MomentLa Fiancee Aux Yeux De BoisMade To Measure (Crammed)
Zap MamaBrrlak!All The Singing LadiesSME - Sony Music Entertainment
Taraf de HaïdouksRind de HoreMusique des Tsiganes de RoumanieCrammed Discs
Ziryab TrioZikrayati (My Memories)Oriental Art MusicNada Records
Bustan AbrahamPictures through the painted windowPictures Through The Painted WindowNada Records
SaultOver7Forever Living Originals
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