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Controversy in the IHSS community – January 31, 2014

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The SEIU-United Healthcare Workers-West has proposed a November |
ballot measure affecting home care workers who work under California’s
Medi-Cal programs.  It woud:
1) Provide home care workers who work under these programs (IHSS)
minimum wage based on the cost of living
2) Require and provide 75 hours of training for IHSS caregivers.
(IHSS stands for California In Home Supportive Services)

We will be parsing this initiative and other current issue facing caregivers
and IHSS users on our July 31 program.

John Wilkins is the guest to talk about these IHSS considerations.  He is
a volunteer home care advocate and co-founder/webmaster of the
IHSS coalition. 

The proposal has drawn the ire of IHSS users and other disabled advocates
because the SEIU local did not attempt to get the input of the disability
community about this complex issue.  But this controversy is only part of
the ongoing arena of how best to provide persons with disabilities and seniors
the service they need to lead and independent lives.

So let’s listen to John Wilkins as he talks about the ballot controversy and the
related and complex field of how best to support caregivers and the people
they serve.

Hosted and co-produced by Eddie Ytuarte and Adrienne Lauby

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