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“Cesar’s Last Fast”: How Cesar Chavez Risked Death to Protect the Lives of Farmworkers He Championed; Freedom Summer: How Civil Rights Activists Braved Violence to Challenge Racism in 1964 Mississippi; Through A Lens Darkly: How African Americans Use Photography to Shape Their Cultural Representat.

January 23, 2014

    Freedom Industries Discloses 2nd Chemical in West Virginia Spill
    Assad Regime, Opposition Clash in 1st Day of Syria Conference
    Kerry: U.S. Prepared to Increase Backing for Syria Rebels
    1st Direct Talks on Syria to Include Prisoner Swaps, Aid Access
    Ukrainian Opposition Issues Ultimatum for Political Concessions
    Hundreds Protest Military Regime in Cairo
    Texas Executes Mexican National Despite World Court Ruling
    Psychology Body Rejects Torture Case Against Guantánamo Bay Doctor
    Court: No Factoring Sexual Orientation in Jury Selection
    Anti-Choice Activists Rally in D.C.; Courts Reject Abortion Curbs in NC, AZ


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