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Democracy Now! – January 7, 2014

Court Ruling on Gay Marriage Ban Makes Utah an Unlikely New Front in Struggle for LGBT Equality; Weather Whiplash: As Polar Vortex Brings Deep Freeze, Is Extreme Weather Linked to Climate Change? From Sandy to Haiyan, Year of Extreme Weather Brings More Coverage of Climate Change; From Funding Climate Deniers to Shadowy Groups, Koch Brothers Network Spent $400 Million in 2012.

January 7, 2014

    Peace Activists Admit to Role in FBI Burglary That Exposed COINTELPRO
    Record Cold Temperatures Envelop United States
    U.S. Accelerates Military Shipments to Iraq
    Israel Approves New Settlements After Kerry’s Visit
    U.N.: Half of Central African Republic Needs Aid
    Supreme Court Halts Same-Sex Marriages in Utah
    Chicago Gun Ban Struck Down by Judge
    Senate Confirms Yellen as 1st Woman to Chair Federal Reserve
    Liz Cheney Abandons Bid for Wyoming Senate Seat
    Texas Hospital Keeps Brain-Dead Woman on Life Support Because She is Pregnant
    Steubenville Rapist Released After Less Than a Year in Juvenile Prison
    Trial Opens for SAC Manager Accused of Record Insider Trading Scheme
    Former FCC Chair Joins Secretive Carlyle Group


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