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Democracy Now! – January 2, 2014

Newly Elected Mayor Bill de Blasio: NYC Cannot Become the “Exclusive Domain of the One Percent”; Harry Belafonte Urges de Blasio to Fight Poverty, Stop-and-Frisk & “Dickensian Justice System”; Public Advocate Letitia James: Time to Tackle “Gilded Age of Inequality” in New York City; “We Will No Longer Stay Silent To This Classism”: NYC Youth Poet Laureate Ramya Ramana; Exclusive: Dying Lawyer Lynne Stewart’s Jubilant Return Home After Winning Compassionate Release.

January 2, 2014

    South Sudan Peace Talks Begin Amidst Continued Violence
    U.N.: Both Sides of South Sudan Conflict Committing “Terrible Violence”
    Hotel Bombing Kills 11 in Somalia
    Militants Control Provincial Capitals in Growing Iraq Violence
    Al Jazeera Seeks Release of 3 Detained Journalists in Egypt
    Israel to Announce New Settlements After Kerry Visit
    Explosion Kills Palestinian Ambassador to Czech Republic
    Millions Receive Coverage as Obamacare Plans Take Effect
    De Blasio Takes Aim at NYC’s Ineqality in Inaugural Address
    Civil Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart Free After Compassionate Release
    Colorado Retailers Begin Legal Marijuana Sales
    Judge Strikes Down Welfare Drug Tests in Florida
    Federal Judge Upholds Unfettered Electronics Searches at U.S. Border
    Catholic Groups Win Obamacare Exemption on Contraception Coverage
    NYT Editors Back Clemency for Edward Snowden


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