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ALEC’s “Institutional Corruption,” From Backing Apartheid to Assault on Clean Energy, Public Sector; The Secret History of How Cuba Helped End Apartheid in South Africa; As Olympic Winter Games Near, Russian LGBT Activists Speak Out Against Anti-Gay Laws.

December 11, 2013

    Jobless Benefits in Limbo After Bipartisan Budget Deal
    Federal Agencies Approve Long-Delayed Volcker Rule
    Thousands Queue to Pay Respects as Mandela Body Lies in State
    Accepting Nobel Peace Prize, OPCW Calls on Holdouts to Ratify Chemical Weapons Treaty
    Ukraine Police Pull Back From Protest Raid
    U.S. Suspends Aid to Rebel-Held Northern Syria
    Uruguay Legalizes National Market for Marijuana
    Indian Supreme Court Reinstates Ban on Gay Sex
    Senate Confirms Housing, Judicial Picks After Filibuster Curbs


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