Special Programming

Special Broadcast – June 12, 2004 at 9:00pm

this episode is no longer available

Derk Richardson hosts All Ones, performing live in the KPFA studio.

David Brandt (drums, percussion), Ned Doherty (electric bass guitarist), and Matt Cunitz (Hammond organ, piano, Rhodes, and various synthesizers) are All Ones, an improvising trio rooted in the same avant-jazz-fusion, prog, psychedelic, and post-rock sensibilities you've heard swirling in the music of the electric Miles Davis, Soft Machine, Tortoise, and the Bay Area’s own Mushroom (of which all three are members).

All Ones' studio, where the spontaneously composed CD Bloom was recorded, is home to a huge collection of working antique and vintage keyboards (100-year-old acoustic instruments, mechanical electro-acoustic pianos, organs, and some of the earliest pre-digital synthesizers)–Cuntiz will bring several into the performance studio for the All Ones live KPFA debut.

Get a preview at myspace.com/allonesmusic


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