Terra Verde

Terra Verde – December 6, 2013

As we reach for our heavy sweaters, jackets and thick socks, piling on the layers to brave the brisk air out there, how often do we think about the origins of the materials we use to bundle up? The local organic food movement has made great strides in recent years, but what about a movement for local organic fiber? Many of us know at least a bit about the contributions that agriculture makes to the accumulation of carbon in the atmosphere and all the havoc that wreaks, but are we aware of the potential of certain rangeland management practices to pull carbon out of the atmosphere? Are we aware of the potential for climate beneficial clothing? Tune in to explore these questions with textile artist Rebecca Burgess of Fibershed, cotton grower/shepherd Sally Fox of FoxFibre, and Jeff Creque of the Marin Carbon Project and the Carbon Cycle Institute.

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