Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – June 9, 2004

Join co-hosts Malihe and Khalil for this week’s program during which we will first hear an interview with Professor Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Chair in Arab Studies at Columbia University, about his new book titled "Resurrecting Empire: Western Footprint and America’s Perilous Path in the Middle East." Later in the program, we will have a conversation with, Craig and Cindy Corrie, Rachel Corrie’s parents, about their current project to help raise funds to rebuild homes that were demolished by the Israeli forces in Palestine; Also in the program, an interview with Dr. Fayeq Oweis, Professor of Arabic Language at San Francisco State University and scholar in Islamic Art, about Naji Al-Ali, the Palestinian cartoonist whose work has had a deep impact on several generations in the Arab world and the rest of the world.

To contact us at the Middle Eastern and North African Perspectives (MENAP), you can call 510-848-6767 ext.632, or send an e-mail to vomekpfa@yahoo.com. MENAP’s web site, menap.org, is currently under construction.

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