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Democracy Now! – November 18, 2013

Global Voices From Africa to the Philippines Demand Climate Justice at U.N. Summit in Warsaw; Partnering With Polluters? U.N. Climate Summit Criticized for Sponsorships by Fossil Fuel Companies; 2 Months After Russia’s Jailing of Arctic 30, Greenpeace Urges Their Release at Warsaw Summit; After Typhoon Haiyan’s Devastation, Filipino Calls for Climate Action Take On New Urgency; Polish Gov’t Draws Heat for Embracing Dirty Coal as it Hosts U.N. Climate Summit.

November 18, 2013

    6 Dead, Thousands Without Power in Midwest Storms
    Over 4 Million Displaced From Typhoon Haiyan
    Multiple Bombings in Iraq Leave Dozens Dead
    Japan Begins Removal of Fukushima Radioactive Fuel Rods
    Bachelet Leads 1st Round of Chilean Presidential Vote; Student Leader Elected to Congress
    Protests Mark 2-Month Detention of Greenpeace Arctic 30
    2 Killed in Colorado Mining Accident
    House Dems Join GOP to Challenge Obamacare on Old Plans
    Charges Filed Against Homeowner in Shooting of Renisha McBride
    Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond Sentenced to 10 Years, Claims FBI Directed Attacks
    Nobel Prize-Winning Author Doris Lessing Dead at 94

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