Sing Out

Sing Out – November 6, 2013

this episode is no longer available


Singer and cultural activist Holly Near performs live with vocal group Emma’s Revolution, in songs for social change


Holly NearBecause of a SongPeace Becomes YouCalico Tracks
Holly Near & Emma's Revolution live in studioengineered by Tony Ferro
Holly Near and Emma's Revolution"Sail Away Lady"a cappella
Holly Near and Emma's RevolutionI Ain't Afraid
Holly Near
Holly Near
Holly Near
Holly Near
Holly NearOne Good SongPeace Becomes YouCalico Tracks
Rokia TraoreLallaBeautiful AfricaNonesuch
Rokia TraoreBeautiful AfricaBeautiful AfricaNonesuch
Habib KoiteNamaniaAfrikiCumbancha
Fatamoumata DiawaraSowaFatouWorld Circuit/Nonesuch
TinariwenTenere Tachim TossamTassiliAnti-
Rokia TraoreKa Moun KeBeautiful AfricaNonesuch
Patty LarkinMando DrumStill GreenRoad Narrows/Signature Sounds
Patty LarkinGreen Behind the EarsStill GreenRoad Narrows/Signature Sounds
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