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Womens Magazine – November 4, 2013

We hear from Indian feminist activist Kavita Krishnan, secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association, a group that organizes poor women workers against feudal violence and state repression against women. We hear the talk she gave at UC Berkeley this September called Women Want Freedom — Shifting the Terms of the Debate which is about the uprising that followed the brutal rape and murder last december in India of a young 23 year old woman which lead to a new type of movement against rape which had broad support and which raised important questions of male entitlement that had not been raised so broadly before. And she also raises questions about rape culture in India, the U.S and  internationally and the influence of capitalism and neoliberalism to structurally support all rape culture’s by continuing to exploit women’s labor in the home and the work place. Kavita Krishnan’s talk was sponsored by the Center for South Asia Studies. And Kate Raphael talks to Choreographer and founder Jo Kreiter who uses dance to engage imagination, physical innovation and the political conflicts we live with. Her pieces have explored the world of women garment workers in San Francisco and the women who worked on the Bay Area’s bridges, to name only a few. Her new piece, “Give a Woman a Lift,” opens this Friday at Joe Goode Annex.


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