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“Dramatic, Painful” Government Shutdown Disproportionately Impacts Working Poor, People of Color; Has GOP Already Defeated Obamacare? State Opt-Outs Leave Millions of Poor Without Health Insurance; “Imperialism & Fundamentalism Have Joined Hands”: Malalai Joya on 12 Years of U.S.-Led Afghan War.

October 3, 2013

    Obama “Exasperated” With GOP Intransigence on Shutdown
    Medicaid Opt-Out Will Leave Millions Without Health Insurance
    U.N. Demands Access, Fighting Halt for Syria Aid
    Netanyahu: Iranian PM a “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”
    Over 170 Killed in Sudanese Crackdown on Protests
    Tens of Thousands Mark Tlatelolco Anniversary in Mexico
    Russia Files Piracy Charges Against Greenpeace Activists
    NSA Has Capability to Gather Cellphone Location Data
    Lavabit Owner: FBI Wanted Access to All Customers in Snowden Probe
    Judge Orders Court Monitor over Racial Profiling in Arizona
    San Francisco Cuts Ties to Federal Deportation Program
    Hundreds Protest Anti-Choice Laws in Ohio
    Gov. Perry: Wife Misspoke in Backing Right to Abortion


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