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Democracy Now! – September 25, 2013

Obama and Rouhani Welcome New Talks, Offering Hope to Iranians Suffering Under U.S.-Led Sanctions; Jeremy Scahill: Al-Shabab’s Nairobi Mall Rampage Tied to “Disastrous” U.S. Meddling in Somalia; The Empire President: Jeremy Scahill on Obama’s “Neo-Con” Doctrine of Military Force in U.N. Speech.

September 25, 2013

    U.S.-Iran to Hold New Talks; Rouhani Blasts “Violent” Sanctions
    Obama: U.S. Will Military Force to “Ensure Free Flow of Energy” from Mideast
    U.N. Inspectors Resume Chemical Probe in Syria
    U.S. to Sign Global Arms Treaty
    Toll From Attack by Boko Haram in Nigeria Reaches 142
    Kenya Opens Mourning Period as Mall Seige Ends
    At Least 270 Killed in Pakistani Earthquake
    Cruz Stages Marathon Delay to Push Obamacare Repeal
    White House Unveils Pricing for Obamacare Premiums
    Senate Confirms 1st Openly Gay Appellate Judge; Rubio Backtracks on Florida Nominee
    Attorney for Pakistani Drone Survivors Blocked From U.S. Hearing
    Brazilian President: U.S. Spying Violates International Law
    Yemeni Activist Detained under British Anti-Terror Law

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