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How Did D.C. Navy Yard Gunman Get Security Clearance While Being Treated by VA For Mental Illness? From Mosques to Soccer Leagues: Inside the NYPD’s Secret Spy Unit Targeting Muslims, Activists; “The Fifth Little Girl”: Birmingham Church Bombing Survivor Still Seeks Compensation 50 Years On.

September 17, 2013

    13 Dead, Including Shooter, in Rampage at D.C. Navy Yard
    Report: Gun Ownership Linked to Firearm Homicide Rates
    U.N. Report Finds “Clear and Convincing Evidence” of Chemical Attack in Syria
    Turkey Shoots Down Syrian Helicopter
    Typhoon Hits Japan; Death Tolls Rise in Mexico, Colorado Flooding
    Report: 50 Top Firms Produce 73 Percent of Emissions
    NYC Activists Mark 2nd Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street
    Obama Acknowledges Growing Gap Between Rich and Poor
    House Bill Would Cut $4 Billion Annually from Food Stamps
    Report: NSA Spying on Financial Transactions
    NYC: Bill de Blasio Seals Victory in Democratic Primary for Mayor


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