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Democracy Now! – September 16, 2013

Could Russia-U.S. Deal on Syria Chemical Weapons Lead To a Non-Imperial, New Internationalism? Andrew Bacevich on “Breach of Trust: How Americans Failed Their Soldiers and Their Country”; “Terrorism is Part of Our History”: Angela Davis on ’63 Church Bombing, Growing up in “Bombingham.”

September 16, 2013

    U.S., Russia Reach Deal to Destroy Syria’s Chemical Weapons
    Larry Summers Withdraws from Consideration for Federal Reserve Post
    Iraq: Scores Killed in Weekend Attacks
    Afghanistan: Top Female Police Officer Gunned Down
    Children Killed by Suicide Bomber Targeting Afghan-NATO Convoy
    Report: Bahrain Routinely Detaining, Beating Children
    Mexico: Teachers Form New Protest Encampment After Police Crackdown
    Mexico: At Least 21 Killed as Storms Blasts Opposite Coasts
    Colorado Floods: 5 Confirmed Dead, Thousands Displaced
    NC: Officer Charged in Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Man Who Sought Help After Crash
    NYPD Open Fire on Unarmed Man, Injure 2 Bystanders
    Judge Orders U.S. to Consider Releasing Docs on NSA Spying
    Obama Appoints Millionaire, Former Bain Consultant to Top Economic Post


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