Womens Magazine

Womens Magazine


The recent coming out of Chelsea Manning and look at the how transpeople especially transgender  women of color are criminalized and brutalized by the prison industrial complex. We talk to Sasha Buchert from the Transgender Law Center about the high rate of sexual assault and incarceration of trans people of color and the laws governing medical help for for transpeople in prisons. And then we talk to Miss Major the executive director of the Transgender Variant and Intersex Justice Project  about the struggles of trans people to survive sexual assault and imprisonment and we talk to  Janetta Johnson Program Coordinator at TGI about her experiences being locked up in federal prison for 3 years and forced to live in a mens prison and face harassment and threats. Lastly we talk to  attorney and trans activist Dean Spade about his new book “Normal LIfe: Administrative Justice, Critical Trans Politics and the Limits of Law” about how the left and the mainstream gay movement have focused too much on legal changes that fail to promote real structural change and what a critical trans politics would look like.

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