Pushing Limits

Electronic Sensitivity

Imagine getting an internet connection in your house and five hours later getting a massive headache.   Or, letting PG &E install a smart meter in the morning and getting the sniffles in the
middle of the afternoon.  You go for a walk and begin to feel better, but when you pass a Starbucks or return home, your symptoms start again.  After a few days of feeling bad, you tell your doctor that electronics seem to be making you sick.  The doc looks at you puzzled or orders a psychiatric evaluation.

Being sensitive to electronics is not a psychiatric disability.  It is a common phenomenon experienced by 3% – 6% of people internationally.  Today, we talk to Susan Molloy and Steen Hviid about Electronic Sensitivity.   Susan and Steen live in the high desert of Arizona among a community of persons from all over the world who experience electronic sensitivity.  Listen as they talk about their lives and the challenges they face as they resist the ever-increasing grid.

Plus, Cheryl Marie Wade was a powerful artist with a disability, a woman who lived off the grid of convention.  We offer a brief memorial.

This program is hosted by Adrienne Lauby and produced by Jacob Lesner-Buxton.

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