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The End of Internet Privacy? Glenn Greenwald on Secret NSA Program to Crack Online Encryption; “Undermining the Very Fabric of the Internet”: Bruce Schneier on NSA’s Secret Online Spying; Iran-Contra Redux? Prince Bandar Heads Secret Saudi-CIA Effort to Aid Syrian Rebels, Topple Assad.

September 6, 2013

    U.S. Push to Bomb Syria Overshadows G-20 Summit
    Power: Russia Holding U.N. Security Council Hostage
    U.S. Lawmakers Set to Vote on Syria Strikes; Constituents Overwhelmingly Oppose Military Action
    Activists Protest Russia’s Anti-LGBT Crackdown at G-20
    Report: NSA Foiling Encryption Used to Protect Online Privacy
    U.S. Drone Strike Kills 7 in Pakistan
    Egypt’s Interior Minister Survives Assassination Attempt
    Prisoners in California End Hunger Strike After 2 Months
    Wal-Mart Workers Protest Nationwide; Dozens Arrested
    Mexico: Teachers Block Airport Access to Protest Education Overhaul
    Philippines: 2 Journalists Killed in Less Than a Week
    Family of Chilean Singer Víctor Jara Files U.S. Lawsuit over Killing Days Before Coup Anniversary
    Study: Fracking Wastewater Tied to Earthquakes in Ohio City


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