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Democracy Now! – September 4, 2013

With Focus on U.S.-Led Strikes, Global Failure to Meet Syria’s Humanitarian Crisis Goes Unnoticed; As U.S. Pushes For Syria Strike, Questions Loom over Obama Claims in Chemical Attack.

September 4, 2013

    Obama Picks Up Key Congressional Support as Debate Begins on Syria Strike
    Kerry Won’t Rule Out “Boots on the Ground” in Syria
    Ban: Syria Attack Without U.N. Backing “Unlawful”
    Obama in Sweden Before G-20 Summit
    Dozens Killed in Iraq Violence
    Thousands Rally Against Egypt Gov’t; Al Jazeera Alleges Signal Disruption
    Fukushima Radiation at Record High
    South African Gold Miners Launch Strike for Higher Wages
    Tens of Thousands of Teachers Strike in Mexico
    Ariel Castro Found Hanged in Ohio Prison Cell
    Montana Judge Reconsiders Rape Sentence After Outcry


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