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Democracy Now! – August 30, 2013

Juan González: Growing Charter School Chain Suspends Special Needs Kids in Bid to Raise Test Scores; U.S. Prepares to Strike Syria Over Alleged Chemical Weapons as British Vote Not to Back Int’l Action; NFL Reaches Settlement With Former Players Who Suffer From Brain Injuries, Alzheimer’s, Depression; Feds Say They Won’t Try to Reverse State Laws That Legalize Medical and Recreational Marijuana Use.

August 30, 2013

    U.S. Considers Unilateral Syrian Strike After U.K. Vote Against Use of Force
    Antiwar Protesters Rally Against U.S. Military Action in Syria
    U.S. Intelligence “Black Budget” Tops $50 Billion
    U.S. Spy Satellites Played Key Role in Hunt for Bin Laden
    Merrill Lynch to Pay $160 Million in Largest Racial Discrimination Settlement Ever
    U.S. Allows States to Legalize Recreational Marijuana
    Crackdown on Brotherhood and Journalists Continues
    IRS Extends Tax Benefits to Married Same-Sex Couples
    Banks Report Record $42 Billion Profit in Second Quarter
    Fast-Food Workers Go On Strike in 60 Cities Demanding Living Wage
    U.S. Seeks to Expand Military Presence in the Philippines
    Anti-Smoking Groups Criticize U.S. Stance on TPP Tobacco Negotiations
    30,000 March in Colombia to Support Small Farmers
    Report: Veterans Commit Suicide at Double Rate of Civilian Population
    Lawyer: Chelsea Manning is “Doing Very Well”
    Irish Writer Seamus Heaney, 74, Dies


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