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Bradley Manning Awaits Verdict After Trial Ends With Prosecution “Smears” & Harsh Gov’t Secrecy; Holder Tells Russia Snowden Won’t Face Torture or Death, But Does U.S. Record Undermine Its Pledge?

July 29, 2013

    Muslim Brotherhood Calls Protests After New Mass Killing by Egyptian Forces
    U.S. Drone Attack Kills 6 in Pakistan After Reported End to “Signature Strikes”
    Global Protests Back Bradley Manning as Court-Martial Ends
    U.S. Tells Russia Snowden Won’t Face Execution, Torture
    Trayvon Martin’s Mother: Use My Son’s Death to Challenge Racial Profiling, Gun Laws
    Dream Defenders Enter 3rd Week of Florida Sit-in; Harry Belafonte Joins Protest over Trayvon Verdict
    North Carolina Gov. Expected to Sign New Voting Rights Curbs
    Dozens Killed in Wave of Iraq Bombings
    Mideast Peace Talks Resume After Israel OKs Prisoner Release, PA Abandons Settlement Demand
    U.S. to Transfer 2 Guantánamo Bay Prisoners to Algeria


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