Pushing Limits

Transit Strike: Bay Area California

Workers from the bay area rapid transit (BART) system went on strike this week causing massive disruptions and major media attention.  Strangely, news reports have had no discussion of how, and to what extent, the strike is affecting people with disabilities and seniors.

Today we begin to rectify that problem by opening our phones.

At what point have transit officials dropped the ball for people with disabilities around this strike?   Have the unions done anything to protect and serve us during this time?  How is the
inter-community support?  Are friends and family helping with rides?  Did disabled folks feel  annoyed by the strike because BART employees make so more money than most have from SS/SSI?   Or, are strike sacrifices worth it for decent salaries and benefits for these workers?

With music chosen by Eddie Ytuarte and updated information about the strike from Sheela Gunn-Cushman.  Adrienne Lauby is also in the studio to take calls.

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