Terra Verde

Terra Verde – June 21, 2013

This solstice we honor the invaluable services that natural systems provide to city dwellers and ponder a potential “ecosystem economy.” We discuss strategies to tackle urban and industrial health hazards by “stacking functions” and leveraging the detoxifying effects of green infrastructure, such as living roofs and walls, permeable pavers, trellises, bioswales, rain gardens, constructed wetlands, floating islands, and forested greenbelts. In studio to address the feasibility of urban greening in both technical and financial terms are Brent Bucknum, founder of Hyphae Design Laboratory and Urban Biofilter’s Adapt Oakland, and Kristin Hathaway, an expert in watershed and stormwater management with the City of Oakland. Former Port of Oakland Commissioner Margaret Gordon of the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project was also invited to explain links between ecosystem services and environmental justice; unfortunately, due to last-minute logistical complications, she was unable to participate.

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