Pushing Limits

Pushing Limits – Moving Over the Edge: Artists with Disabilities

It began in living rooms and grew to the international stage.  The Disability Arts Movement came out of the disability movement of the 70s and 80s with brilliance and fire.  We revisit the origins, remember important performance groups and individuals, and talk about contemporary disability arts.

Pamela Kay Walker’s memoir, “Moving Over the Edge, Artists with Disabilities Take the Leap” chronicled the disability arts movement and her role as an integral part of the Berkeley wing of that movement.

We discuss the memoir with Hannah Jo Karpilow who was Pamela’s right arm woman in the creation of the book, as well as Peni Hall, one of the central members of  the Wry Crips Readers Theater group.   Adrienne Lauby and Shelley Berman co-host.

Then, we’ll play excerpts of the film, “A Culture Undiscovered” and listen to the voices of people of color who live with learning disabilities.


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