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Ríos Montt Guilty of Genocide: Are Guatemalan President Pérez Molina, U.S. Officials Next? Climate Tipping Point? Concentration of Carbon Dioxide Tops 400 ppm For First Time in Human History.

May 13, 2013

    Ex-Guatemalan Dictator Ríos Montt Imprisoned After Genocide Conviction
    Atmospheric Concentration of Carbon Dioxide Hits 400ppm Milestone
    Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif Wins Pakistani Election Amidst Rigging Claims, Violence
    Cleveland Victims Thank Supporters; Paternity Test Confirms Suspect Fathered Rescued Child
    19 Shot at New Orleans Mother’s Day Parade
    IRS Apologizes for Scrutiny of Tea Party Groups
    Activists Rally for Guantánamo Closure
    Benghazi Emails Show White House Role in Talking Points
    Report: CIA Relied on Libyan Militia to Guard Benghazi Compound
    Co-Author of Heritage Foundation Immigration Study Resigns
    Federal Judge Rejects Admin’s Appeal of Plan B Ruling


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