Pushing Limits

“Selling Sickness” Film & Discussion

Corporate pharmaceuticals are ethically challenged in multiple ways.  But, many people with disabilities owe their lives to the drugs provided by Big Pharma.

We illustrate some of the problems with excerpts from the film, “Selling Sickness,” directed by Pat Scott.  Then, disability advocates Caroline Harby and s.e. smith help us pull apart the many strands of our community’s relationship with prescription medication.

With time out to talk about the value of community radio, the quality you hear on KPFA and the unique and valuable programming of Pushing Limits.  All in the hope that you will go to the phone and become a member of KPFA.
Produced and hosted by Adrienne Lauby.  Sound editing by Sheela Gunn-Cushman with production assistance by Jacob Lesnor-Buxton.

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