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Democracy Now! – April 9, 2013

Undercover Activist Details Secret Filming of Animal Abuse & Why “Ag-Gag” Laws May Force Him to Stop; Debate: After Activists Covertly Expose Animal Cruelty, Should They Be Targeted With “Ag-Gag” Laws?

April 9, 2013

    U.S. to Deploy New Laser Attack Weapon Near Iran
    Kerry Continues Harsh Rhetoric Against Iran During Israeli Visit
    Storage Pits Failing at Embattled Fukushima Nuclear Plant
    Obama Pushes Gun Control in Connecticut Visit
    Senators Negotiating Deal on Background Checks
    Syria: At Least 15 Killed in Damascus Suicide Blast
    Italy Pardons U.S. Colonel Convicted in Rendition of Egyptian Cleric
    Trial for Osama bin Laden’s Son-in-Law Could Be Delayed by U.S. Budget Cuts
    WikiLeaks: Vatican Dismissed Reports of Violence Under Pinochet as “Communist Propaganda”
    Julian Assange Hails WikiLeaks’ Release of “Kissinger Cables” in Video Address
    U.S. Strike Kills 11 Children in Afghanistan


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