Pushing Limits

Nina G. & Andy Arias – Comedians with Disabilities

We’re the ones making the jokes these days, with comics coming out and proud about their disabilities. This has changed the state of comedic art in relationship to disability. But, how much? And, what remains the same?

Two comics with disabilities, Nina G and Andy Arias, join our hosts and able-bodied comic Karen Ripley to talk about audiences, lines that shouldn’t be crossed, and their personal gray areas. Some jokes will be traded, no doubt.

Jokes about disabled people have been a cornerstone for many a schoolyard bully. There’s an entire category of jokes about midgets. And, yes, mocking limbs, faces, waistlines and verbal ticks is pretty much standard water fountain humor. These comics are facing down the bullies and standing up for the art of the funny. In studio, with Pushing Limits teammates, Jacob Buxton-Lesner, Adrienne Lauby and Shelley Berman.

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