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APEX Express – March 21, 2013


Bay Area delegates on a Philippines political exposure trip last December. Photo credit: Vay Hoang.


Philippines and China Political Exposure Trips!
In studio live will be representatives from delegations that went on two different political exposure trips, to two different homelands — Vivian Huang and Armael Malinis join us to speak on their trip to the Philippines and Lucia Lin and Calvin Miaw join us to speak on their trip to China.  We’ll have them all cozy together in the KPFA studio to share stories, songs, and have a cross-pollinating conversation about what political exposure trips mean for activists living in the US.


Vandana Shiva on capitalism, patriarchy, and the destruction of Mother Earth
We have a special audio excerpt of Vandana Shiva’s compelling interview on Democracy Now! last week.  She speaks on the violence on women and the violence on Mother Earth and on native seeds, and how they are intricately connected.


photo credit: wordandviolin.com

Writer Pireeni Sundaralingam at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) Conference
Tara Dorajbi caught Sri Lankan writer Pireeni Sundaralingam at the AWP Conference to talk about her poetry and how she connects the political context of her home country to her expression as an artist.  We’ll play the first half of the interview — stay tuned here on apexexpress.org for the full interview to be posted after the show!

With Host Ellen Choy.

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